Ebola Impact Economique

Ebola Impact Economique

Publication Date: 01/15/2015



"Ebola Economic Impact" is a platform that addresses the epidemic of Ebola in numbers in West Africa. It describes under different aspects how this disease has put knee on the economies of countries being hit hard. The Guinea risks a loss of one to two points of its growth rate while Liberia and Sierra Leone are living a terrible economic situation. They are almost to the ground. In Senegal, it is tourism that has suffered most. The project was also interested to funds mobilized in the fight against this scourge. It gives very precise figures on the contribution of some states, NGOs and specialized headlights agencies of the UN. "Ebola Economic Impact" takes full advantage of innovative technology. Indeed, the project presents the various information available on an interactive map, graphs and visuals. Access was truly democratized with its variation in deployable on any platform widget in android and iOS applications. We propose also a Realtime Ebola news update tool for reporters.

Technologies used for this project:

thinglink: for interactive map Joomla! for the back-end portal, JQuery, Java Script for widget development. Data mining tools (personal toolbox developed by us)


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