Organisation: NDARINFO.COM (Senegal)

Publication Date: 01/15/2015


Ebol@ctu is an interactive mapping on the situation of the Ebola virus disease which will focus, first time, on the northern region of Senegal, viewed on Ndarinfo.com. It is based on official data provided by the Ministry of Health, the northern region and medical institutions in the fight against the disease. This is a weekly edition in the beginning that will provide all the information on the number of suspected cases and cases treated and the various hospitals and health services that supported them. The objective of the project is: • provide accurate data on Ebola and infectious diseases in the area north of simple and effective way through illustrations. • to raise awareness about prevention methods to be taken to fight against the disease. • laying the groundwork for an interactive data journalism Ebola and infectious diseases in Senegal which is based on data from the Ministry of Health and various institutions in the fight against these diseases. Technically, the interface will run on HTLM5, CSS3 and Javascript. She then decline in Mobile Application form of geolocation that allows users to have the hospital or the nearest health facility when a suspect case is revealed (Ebola and infectious diseases). It will finally be connected connected to a hotline that will allow users to alert health authorities not access the GPS. The latter will reach the person to collect comprehensive information on the location and the symptoms of suspected cases.

Technologies used for this project:

HTLM5, CSS3, Javascript, android


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