Organisation: SundiataPost (Nigeria)

Publication Date: 03/11/2017



We are attempting to expose the root cause of falling educational standard in Federal Universities in Nigeria and to Provide information to law enforcement agencies as to the direction to beam their searchlight in the fight against corruption. Also we intend to enlighten government, University management and students on who to hold accountable for fund deprivation and starvation in the tertiary institutions. And to provide information to donor agencies on the bane of university funding in Nigeria to enable them guard against it while funding education in the country.

Technologies used for this project:

We will be using open source technology (i.e. PHP,Javascrip,Xhtml,css and MySql database) to design a web application. Also we would utilize the major social media platforms like facebook, twitter, etc. Again, we would be using image map of Nigeria to visualize and simplify data.


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