El Correo Zoom

El Correo Zoom

Organisation: Vocento (Spain)

Publication Date: 01/18/2018



Zoom is an special app channel, integrated in our app and our website, for Breaking News, that allows our journalists to publish all kind of contents -text, images, videos, audios- in real time, with the extraordinary participation of our users, as witnesses on the ground. The app uses geolocation, verification filters and bots to manage personalized messages in order to create a emotional engagement with them. The professional criteria, with a journalist in charge, directs the news coverage, that provides also an amazing user experience thanks to UX and technology solutions. The problem we have noticed is that we don't have a really good tool to manage different breaking news and take advantage of our close relationship with our readers. Because we are a local media and we have a privileged position. El CORREO is the most important newspaper in the Basque Country. It has the highest penetration in the north of Spain, with 335,000 daily users on the website, according to Comscore. 312,789 are registered users and 175,000 persons have downloaded our APP. Zoom provides an immediate link with our users in special events -breaking news but also sports matches or relevant local celebrations-. Our readers can be protagonists and participate as witnesses. How? Our tool is able to connect ‘newsroom timeline’ with the materials that users send us. We are worried about fake news and to avoid them we have designed four verification filters: registered users, localization of them around the event, control of the device to assure that the material is original, and the time limitation of shooting/recording the material, according to every event. That strategy prevents the misinformation and let us publish verified facts. The tool is friendly and useful. The dashboard is prepared to manage different events and both timelines: curated (journalist+users) and users. Emotional engagement is also a mainstay of Zoom and for that reason we use personalized messages from bots to inform or make a call to participation of users, who can also receive more or less alerts, attending to their location and behavior.

Technologies used for this project:

We implemented Zoom within the existing application currently. Currently it is a hybrid application, but we have developed Zoom with WPA support, for full compatibility with new applications. Zoom connects with the VOCENTO systems through its own API HUB that allows the interaction of information between the different systems and VocCloud, which exposes APIS for the use of the applications. Once the Zoom backend receives the information, we check the EXIF ​​information, in addition to checking the photo with image recognition systems. We also cross all the available data of the user in our "DATALAKE" so that the user can be located and see its reliability. Datalake is a Vocento project that collects all the user's interactions, both with the physical media and with the digital media. Once the content is approved, through the "VOC HUB SERVICE" publication, it is broadcast on all channels (WEB, WEBMOBILE, APP AND AMP) At the architecture level, ZOOM is a group of microservices within Vocento's VocContentService. The Dashboard is designed to be developed as a WPA, possibly in ReactJS, which will allow a great user experience and assured scalability.


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