El Sandoq

El Sandoq

Organisation: Welad El Balad Media LTD. (Egypt)

Publication Date: 11/13/2014


Welad ElBalad is a local media company and as such our products are highly integrated into local communities. El Sandoq clearly reflects this editorial mission as it relates directly to the needs of our local target audience (pilot in Faysal, a middle to lower income class neighborhood in Cairo) and local government authorities. Communities in Egypt and three years into revolution are looking to their government for a better quality of their day to day lives; garbage collection is an endemic problem in Egypt going back to Pharaonic times and when asked about what service people would want to have improved garbage collection tops most lists. What do our target audience tell us? Local government says that to become more accountable and get the job done right they need people to throw the garbage in the right place and at designated times. Citizens in the area have expressed the need to know where official designated spots are and when to throw garbage so they can track whether the government and private sector is doing its job. So El Sandoq addresses the needs of citizens, private sector and government in providing information and tracking to the processes that need to become coherent in order to be improved. Currently there are three authorities directly responsible for garbage collection in Faysal alone - coherence and clarity with regards the role of each and overlap between them is essential before people can start holding anyone to account. Further there are different types of garbage that require different handling - in Faysal three types. The App: A merger of app tech with gaming the idea is to make the inputting of information fun and interactive. if you get out your garbage in the right time you get 50 points, right place another 50 points, reporting of garbage you got 100 point with a photo you got 150 points. As with most of our products, the app is aimed to get people involved and insure public oversight over a basic public service. What we are aiming for? - make people more aware of garbage problem - watching close the performance of authority on streets - data analysis With Welad ElBalad’s unique multi-platform media placement within communities we can calibrate online and print tools to crowdsource data, use our professional journalist team to investigate government data as well as multi-media tools to calibrate data resulting from the app to different audiences. This includes: a section in the paper showcasing the Cleanest Community - use of network to create community events and other. And the potential for scale up is clear - the same can be applied to other local service sectors such as health and education services.

Technologies used for this project:

El Sandoq application will be built in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript using PhoneGap, while the backend API will be provided by a Node.js framework (LoopBack). The platform will be built on top of Laravel (a PHP framework) and the frontend will integrate Leaftlet (an Open-Source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps) for map displays.


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