Organisation: News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Team one (Nigeria)

Publication Date: 03/11/2017



The application known as `Stop Rigging` is developed for tracking election results in polling units. It is a platform for sharing election results among the journalists and community-based volunteers who will have the patience to wait till the end of vote-counting to upload authentic results immediately into the application on their mobile phones. The results are shared with the Nigeria Union of Journalists and civil society groups. Many times, results of election from polling units are manipulated at collation centres, thereby making the actual unit result irrelevant. In addition, the manipulated results end up producing public office holders who are not given the mandate, and therefore, will abuse the office. Stop Rigging shares election results live from polling units to enable journalists and civil society groups to have authentic results to be able to challenge any false result declaration by the umpire. The app has a login page to identify the user, whose bio data are already captured in the application, and who needs a password gain access into the app. The team will engage only enlightened volunteers through advocacies at community levels on the need to have credible leaders who can be accountable through legitimate elections. The journalists are convinced that there are still patriotic citizens who will be willing to serve in that capacity as their contributions to democratic development and nation-building. All they need is to be sensitized to appreciate the value of making sure that only people duly voted for are declared winners. We believe that declaring the rightful winners is a new way of holding people in power accountable for their actions. The journalists will organise separate meetings with the NUJ and recognised civil society groups to seek their support and enlighten them on Stop Rigging. The advocacy will encourage patriotism. The journalists will not offer any financial reward to the volunteers but will provide internet data for them to work via online transfer to their telephone lines. The journalists will write letters of commendation to diligent volunteers at the end of the exercise.

Technologies used for this project:

Power Point and Microsoft Word


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