Emeka Ihumezie

Emeka Ihumezie

Welcome to Mr.Horecan; a tourism analyst, critique, and blogger with a strong focus on Tourism in Africa. We are dedicated writers, journalists, and publishers and passionately deploy our best resources to promoting tourism in Africa with a vision to motivate for sustainable growth and development, promote standards and control;  accountability and responsibility across all key players in the sector.

It is the aim of Mr. Horecan to promote and advocate for change in the Africa Tourism Sector. To do so, we hope to promote quality education and training within the sector. We encourage research and statistics, advocate for training and human capital development and sound health and safety culture in the sector.

Mr. Horecan is the news spot of Africa tourism industry and blends an array of business and pleasure to provide industry a voice and a medium to promote the industry and celebrate its professionals.

As a journalist, I owe my readers a sense of responsibility to keep them informed and educated on news and events; innovations and inventions within the industry and also do owe the public a sense of duty to expose ills in the industry.

 — don’t want the searchlight on you? please don’t provide any form of product or services to the public; even on a voluntary basis.

Thank you very much and keep a date with us,

Mr. Horecan.



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