Emergency 4u

Emergency 4u

Organisation: Repubblica.it (Italy)

Publication Date: 02/25/2017


We want to tailor information for people who are in disaster areas, giving them news and useful information on a dedicated homepage within our app. We will identify the users by geolocation and push a combination of: 1) editor's updates 2) automatic and official third party feed, We will use push notifications, both in our app and in third party apps. To do so, we will upgrade the tool that we already use for push notification. We have a working prototipe for the backend and we are able to push notifications on a third party app. Road map to beta implementation: new app release on iOs and Android (developing time evalution: a couple of weeks); decide how users can interact; add more automatic feed; training for editors. Next possibile step: integration with liveblogging (Scribblelive Api); integration with other third-party apps; map italian faults and use a fault-shaped buffer; create and share a feed containing only the most important updates and publish it with a copyleft license, so that anyone could use it.

Technologies used for this project:

We created a working backend prototype, using php, mysql and redis. We used MyWay demo app for push notifications on third party app (thanks to MyWay developing team). We would integrate our disaster feed into Repubblica.it app, that already exists.
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