Explore Tunisia

Explore Tunisia

Organisation: Polytechnique Sousse (Tunisia)

Publication Date: 12/05/2015


Explore Tunisia is a software program designed to assist anyone visiting the country. It is a clever application that gives a concise account of Tunisia's history, culture and traditions. It has the ability to locate the tourist automatically anywhere in the country, and sends immediate useful information such as the local weather, transport links; and available leisure activities such as hiking and scuba-diving. The user will receive useful information regarding the nearby landmarks including historical sites, museums and restaurants. It is the best tourist guide that comes with real life pictures and videos. It helps you plan your stay in Tunisia depending on the desirable activities and length of stay. It can even help you practise your Arabic in the local dialect, a commodity that comes useful in the small and busy local markets and souks.

Technologies used for this project:

Mobile application ( the Android version is our prototype ) Android Material Design Sounds Weather API


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