Fact News

Fact News

Organisation: CyberTimes.TV (South Korea)

Publication Date: 04/01/2017



Now is the age of live broadcasting. Videos, chats and comments broadcast in real time in this live broadcasting era These video and audio information are difficult to verify in real time. To overcome this difficulty, we want to implement a way to analyze video and audio data from YouTube's live broadcasts. We will use the video analytics API and related APIs recently released by Google. This implement to our team.

Technologies used for this project:

Google CLOUD VIDEO INTELLIGENCE(Search and discover your media content with powerful Cloud Video Intelligence API) https://cloud.google.com/video-intelligence/ YouTube Analytics API(The Analytics API supports targeted, real-time queries to generate custom reports in response to user interaction.) https://developers.google.com/youtube/analytics/ CLOUD SPEECH API(Speech to text conversion powered by machine learning) https://cloud.google.com/speech/ https://cloud.google.com/video-intelligence/#demo Select a Sample Video to Annotate Custom Google Cloud Storage (GCS) URL gs://factnews/mp4/1920_m.mp4 gs://factnews/mp4/1920_a.mp4
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