The Festival Guide

The Festival Guide

Organisation: Sunnmørsposten (Norway)

Publication Date: 04/07/2015


The Festival Guide is an online service for our readers. The festival market is steadily growing in our region, and there is a "jungle" of festivals to choose between in the summer months. Every year we make lists of the upcoming events, but this summer we turned the lists into a full scale guide service that helped the audience to choose which ones to go to. By choosing from the list of criteria, the list of festivals changes. That way, you easily eliminate which ones you won't be interested in going to. Our readers loved the service, and we will be using this service for many years to come.

Technologies used for this project:

We built a Google Spredsheet with all the festivals and all info needed, then exported it to a csv-file. We then used html/css to build our site with Bootstrap as basic framework. We genereated all festival pages using Python with Flask (templates/framework), and added cool sorting function and nice transitions using isotope.js. - and finally Leaflet.js for maps.


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