Fixture: Real time social analytics for sports publishers

Fixture: Real time social analytics for sports publishers

Organisation: NewsWhip (Ireland)

Publication Date: 11/26/2016


Fixture is an analytics tool that shows newsrooms how their social impact around sporting events stacks up against their competitors’ in real time. The problem: During big games, a set of publishers are all competing for engagement and audience while covering the same event simultaneously. How do newsrooms go about keeping track of how their sports coverage is performing across social media in real time? How can newsrooms get an idea of how they’re performing against competitors? How can social analytics help inform better editorial decision making around coverage of games? How can newsrooms use social data to build better engaged sports audiences, and to serve their needs across different platforms? NewsWhip’s solution: A digital tool for newsrooms that visualises how much social media engagement publishers are driving around specific matchday coverage versus competitors. The user inputs a number of websites that they’re interested in tracking. They select the competition that they’re interested in analysing. The tool presents them with a list of today’s fixtures, updated daily. They then select the game that they’re interested in reviewing. The output for the user is a visualisation of all the social engagements that their matchday coverage is attracting on different platforms, compared to their competitors. When the user clicks a publisher’s bubble in the visualisation, they get a break-out of that sites’ most engaged stories on social media over a defined time range. There’s also a heads-up display that gives the newsroom a quick look at how their site is reaching its audience on the day of the game itself. This product could also be used for other competitions, such as international tournaments. The user: This is a newsroom tool designed for the entire digital sports team, with particular usefulness for anyone working in analytics, audience development, and social media. In this example, the product is being used in a national UK newsroom, for the English Premier League. How it works: We used the Crowdscores API to get a feed of upcoming fixtures in the English Premier League. The user specified a number of URLs to define the set of publishers that they are interested in benchmarking against and tracking. We use NewsWhip’s API to get a feed stories from the specified websites mentioning the relevant teams in stories published in the last 12, 3, or 1 hour. The total social engagements on the combination of all these stories are calculated, and then used to rank publishers based on how much engagement stories mentioning either team in the article is getting. Benefits: Gives journalists actionable real-time insights to improve coverage. Allows newsrooms to better compete for audience share on social media during key sporting events. Gives a real time view osocial media performance around specific matches. Shows the newsroom the impact of their work in real time.

Technologies used for this project:

Angular2, RxJS, TypeScript, Moment.js, Bootstrap, Font Awesome, HTML5, CSS3, NewsWhip API, Crowdscores API.


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