Organisation: DER STANDARD / (Austria)

Publication Date: 06/22/2017


The prototype we worked on delivers context-as-a-service. We call this service Focus, because it allows the user to focus on the personal impact of a topic and to keep a long-term focus on the topic as well. We chose a multi-step-approach to solve the two problems of covering complex, long-running stories: Either readers lose interest or they lose track. Firstly, we chose a storytelling method we know works with our users at “Der Standard”, and secondly a distribution method we also know works: Personalization and Newsletters - both boosted understanding and engagement in previous projects. This is key, if we want to prevent readers from losing track or interest. Our prototype shows this process in three steps: 1. User has no or little prior knowledge of the topic - personalizes an explainer by entering his location and the article rewrites itself 2. User reads the personalized explainer. Gets interested, enters email-address to receive future personalized stories on the specified topic - e.g. climate change. 3. User receives update by mail, users comes back on the website and sees which explainers and other stories published since he last visited This format would be suitable for topics like climate change, Brexit, financial crises or political scandals as well.

Technologies used for this project:

HTML, CSS, personalized Newsletters (Mailchimp), personalized Links, Javascript for rewritting stories automatically
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