Organisation: ASZdziennik/Outriders (Poland)

Publication Date: 03/21/2017


FollowON is notifications on steroids grown on episodic nature of news. We created a tool that enables readers to keep track of news story in all of its stages and never lose a bigger picture. Online media tend to treat news as a single click-factories. Give as your click and go away. That's not how we think of news. We think of news as single episodes of a Big Story. With its beginning and its end. Like a Netflix series. But with news. That's why FollowON enables readers two things: subscribe to notifications AND if a news piece that persuaded a reader to subscribe is not first in the Big Story timeline, FollowON will give a reader an update with previous crucial news in the storyline, so a reader never loses a background of the Big Story. IMPORTANT: This is not a Google Alerts mechanism. With FollowON the editors of media outlet will decide which "news episode" is important to the storyline. That's why we also think of FollowON as a tool for media to build communities around their best journalism.

Technologies used for this project:

We used PHP, Javascript, Symphony. Our prototype features a One Signal push notifications mechanism with an e-mail subscription. In further development we think of implementing a Messenger/Slack bot technology.
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