Organisation: Polskie Radio (Poland)

Publication Date: 06/18/2015


Poland is in the transition period. Over half of the century the communist system didn’t care about sustainable development, ecology was a forbidden issue in our country. All information connected with this matter was censored. Today we are a part of the European ecosystem. But still, the level of the pro-ecological awareness is low. We are going to have the government elections this year. Polish Radio implements SDG in the pre-elections debate and thus urges the candidates to stand up to speak about the most urgent issues. We are going to present the Interactive Radio Programm „Free minds look forwad”. Users/Listeners will: - Propose topics for discussions - Listen to the radio broadcast - Comment, express emotions and sympathy As the final result the sytem will generated an interactive infographics with discussion outcomes – for users to play with and share. Summary: Polish Radio will start the discussion, educate future leaders and empower voters to take their proactive approach towards Sustainable Development Goals.

Technologies used for this project:

Responsive Web Design Source of data: Polish Radio, IP geolocation, API: Facebook, Twitter; SMS, IVR Ajax, Json, XML, SQL Microsoft .NET
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