(Fuzzy-) Search with lists

(Fuzzy-) Search with lists

Publication Date: 04/10/2015



If you have not only some search queries but a whole list (i.e. a list of company names) and you want to search for every entry of this list, if there are results in your data, you can use the listsearch feature. Searching with fuzzy search will find similar results, too - which often are exactly what you search for but it can not be found by exact matching i.e. because of typos or if a part of a company name like the suffix Ltd. is missing in some documents but is part of your search query. Or you want to find documents even if some chars were recognized wrong while automatic textrecognition (OCR) of scans). So there will be a result list for each type of the enabled searches and fuzzy search methods. Each additional search type or fuzzy search method query will exclude all results from (better matching but not finding all) enabled search types before, so you dont have to check the same results multiple times trying to find the additional found results by this additional fuzzy search method.

Technologies used for this project:

Python, Django, Apache Solr, Tablesaw
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