Game Center

Game Center

Organisation: Chicago Tribune (United States)

Publication Date: 06/02/2014


Mini-games around news stories. Play along as you read. See your scores, compete with your friends and find other games in the Chicago Tribune Game Center. Games are woven into stories throughout Most of these games would consist of simple trivia or role-playing questions. Some games would be more involved and stand on their own linked to from the Game Center or as related media links on stories. The Game Center would collect and display scores for all games and players and provide a list of all the available games on The Game Center is a platform for user engagement and an ecosystem of tools for rapid game development.

Technologies used for this project:

“Micro-games” are produced with a tool in the CMS to create quizzes with questions and answers. “Mini-games” are produced by apps developers in collaboration with reporters and editors using our internal publishing tool, Tarbell. Tarbell uses Google spreadsheets for easy editing of game content and data by non-developers and publishes static HTML to Amazon S3. The Game Center integrates with the Gigya API which provides a point system, badges, and titles. Using the Gigya API, we could also award points for sharing and reading. The Game Center would be built off of our existing user generated content platform, making it quicker to build.

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