Organisation: NBT (South Korea)

Publication Date: 04/01/2017


Currently, most of the political donations from Korea are collected from major donors. And there are studies that such major donors have a lot of influence on policy. The reason for this phenomenon is not only the indifference to the politics of the younger generation but also the complicated process to support the politics and the lack of financial wherewithal for political support. NBT presents GiveSlide as a solution to this problem. Through the lock screen, users can check politics of politicians dozens of times a day. And if you find a politician you like, you can watch a reward ad and sponsor the reward right to that politician. In Korea, the reward advertisement market is as big as the total amount of political contributions, so if such a platform is activated, politicians are expected to focus on the people and concentrate on politics instead of seeing big donors or companies.

Technologies used for this project:

There are several technical requirements to create such a service. First, we need a crawler that can bring about politics and political moves of various politicians. And we need contents serving system to show the contents to many users in a timely manner. And we need a system to manage users' rewards as virtual accounts and transfer them to sponsored accounts of politicians. To implement the contents serving system, we use a real-time database of firebases. In order to manage and transfer virtual accounts, we plan to use Paynow API in cooperation with U +, a Korean telecom company.


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