Graft Watch

Graft Watch

Organisation: Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (Romania)

Publication Date: 03/24/2018


A one-stop shop that aggregates news in English on any political corruption in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. THE PROBLEM that we're trying to solve: It started with a problem we faced as journalists covering a region in Europe rather than just one country. A network of journalists and editors who need to make connections between issues in their respective countries and report them in a regional context face difficulties in researching stories and aggregating information. CORRUPTION, especially GRAFT, is the main issue of the whole region and its coverage is insular and introvert. The tool is meant to encourage journalists to start making connections between cases in different countries, to start cooperating on crossborder stories, and simply have a clearer view over the context of political developments. However, while working on it, we realized that this is not just a matter of accountability and journalism, but also a matter of research in policy-making, designing governmental programs, identifying regional needs and pressuring governments to comply with transparency and accountability principles. TARGET audience: Journalists and newsrooms NGOs and activists Academics and researchers Policy - makers International organizations Political parties Businesses HOW IT WORKS: It’s a hand-picked graft news aggregator curated by journalists who verify the news source and its credibility. It’s organized per country, per journalistic genre and importance of the topic. It is basically a research tool for journalists or other stakeholders on graft in Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

Technologies used for this project:

Open Source: PHP MySQL Github (versioning) Design: Gimp (
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