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Help Me

Organisation: (Indonesia)

Publication Date: 05/14/2016


Public health service in Indonesia (including Jakarta) is currently in a more improved level than a couple of years back. Nevertheless, there are still some problems. First, availability of reliable information and data is still not enough. Moreover, the service itself --whether it's the treatment of patients or administration in hospitals etc.-- is still getting a lot of negative reviews (even legal complaints). It's the people in need of these (i.e. information, data, tips, reviews, even urgent help) are what this project is aiming for, which we believe are a lot. This app will provide those helps in at least three parts: First, there is map of public hospitals and health centers, with a search tool in the middle. People can click on any hospital/health center to get details of it, including it's address, doctors, facilities, rate and so on, and also find user's reviews of it. The data of health centers are collected and provided by People then can also search, let say about "breast cancer", and find not only hospitals, doctors, related to the query, but also articles and other contents from about the topic. Second, it's the part of urgent help. There's a kind of "panic button" on this app, where people in critical condition --or their family-- may click and give a few details, hoping to get help. Not only doctors or paramedics, any other app user can respond to give help. Both positions of the people in need and the helper(s) are displayed on the map (using GPS on each mobile). The progress of responds can also be tracked, including their positions on map. On the other side, the app admin will contact any relevant or nearest health center to help. The third part is the "sharing" part. This is where people may inform of any health issue they aware of within their neighborhood but probably don't know how to help themselves. Other users may then respond to this by giving suggestions, info, tips, or just another opinions. They, of course, can also share this to outer public spaces (social media) as well. Moreover, using its networking and cooperation with other health organizations (including NGO), may also follow-up the issues been shared. In the end, this app is basically a tool of helps in not just one single way, for people in need of health issues. That is why the tagline is: "Help Ourselves, Help Others."

Technologies used for this project:

Our project will first rely on Google Maps, with geo-location (map navigation), modified with a few javascripts. For the development, we may use tools like Android Studio, or the more complete Appcelerator. Programming will rely on Java, HMTL, CSS, C++, and SQL for database. Design can use Marvel, Sketch Paper or others.


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