Helping Hands

Helping Hands

Organisation: APA - Austria Presse Agentur (Austria)

Publication Date: 10/30/2014


Image a situation where most of your friends and family members are dead, your spouse is also long gone and the relatives that are still alive can't spare any time for you as they are tied in their own daily business. At the same time you're so weak that you can hardly leave your home. Creepy, isn't it? Nevertheless this is a reality for many senior citizens. Their social community has disappeared, they are long retired, have nothing to do, their children have moved to another town and so on. And as our society is slowly aging, the number of those affected will increase in the future. As a smile, a little help or sympathy would be helpful for those elder people, we have created a website called "Helping Hands". The goal is to bring people together, young an old, in a kind of mentorship-programme in your local area. We want to create a community where young people, students, or people already working,  who want to engage socially, can take over mentorships for senior citizens. People who need someone who will do their shopping, take their dog for a walk, accompany them on their ways to doctors or simply sit with them and drink a cup of tea in the afternoon. So when you enter the site, you will se a brief introduction to the project, you can read testimonials of some mentorships and if you decide to engage into a membership, you can simply click a buttonand register. In order to prevent abuse, the registration can only be accomplished with your "citizen card" or "mobile signature". If you have none of those you can still register at your local administration office. The other way round, seniors who are in the need of something can also register, submit their data and a description of their wishes. The help offered by the younger people is free of charge (apart from a tasty cake once and then). People can get credits directly on the site, via a ranking for top-mentors. We hope that providing a possibility to engage on a local-district level will offer a solution to the increasing problem of isolation older people are experiencing today.

Technologies used for this project:

The prototype is based on html and javascript, for the working site some backend (e.g. AMP) would be needed
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