. How to obtain judge or diplomatic title within three days for LE 1200?

. How to obtain judge or diplomatic title within three days for LE 1200?

Organisation: Youm7 (Egypt)

Publication Date: 04/10/2015



Youm7 investigated a phenomenon of possible fraud arbitration centers, which sell certificates for 1,200 EGP ($157), claiming to authorize the bearer to work as a judge or diplomat. Youm7 looked at 15 centers which sell titles, and our editor managed to obtain four identification cards after attending two courses at the center. Many of the centers use foreign university names to lend an air of legitimacy to their work, or fabricate titles like "The Egyptian Court for Arbitration "and “The National Court of Arbitration.” In some centers, the names of the Egyptian Bar President and Yahia El Gamal, the Former Deputy Prime Minister, are listed as partners or associates, but these officials deny any relationship with them, and none of the centers are certified by the Ministry of Justice. in the end of this investigation we use an interactive schedule It's contain the informations a bout 15 centers which sell titles 1- Name of the center 2- Number of publicity 3- Certificates 4- Cards

Technologies used for this project:

adobe edge animate html5 and photoshop in the interactive schedule


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