Individual Portfolio: Patrick Stotz

Individual Portfolio: Patrick Stotz

Organisation: Spiegel Online (Germany)

Publication Date: 04/06/2017


Size of team/newsroom:large


I'm a data journalist at Spiegel Online since 2015. Working in a rather small team is a constant challenge of your skills and abilities. During the past year I've covered a huge range of topics and have worked on every bit from data collection through analyzing and visualizing data to building dataviz front-ends and writing stories. These are the 10 Stories I'd like to pitch as my portfolio (links in additional link section): - How global warming will affect alpine ski resorts - Visualizing football games with passmaps - A visual history of political majorities in the US - Terrorism since 1970 in a global perspective - Mapping German dialects with crowd-sourced data - Your chances to win gold at the olympics - Euros for doctors - The market value of all EURO2016 players & squads - Germany's federal transport infrastructure plan - How terrorist attacks affect tourism

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

Topics vary from the mundane and playful (little news game on how big your chances are to win gold at the olympics) to serious investigative work (making payments to doctors by pharmaceutical companies public for the first time in Germany). There are pieces that were produced on a deadline (A visual history of political majorities in the US) and there are many others that have been prepared for weeks and months. Overall there's a focus on data visualizations and maps in particular in my portfolio. In all of these projects it's my goal to make data and the underlying causalities more understandable for our readers. Our piece on how terrorist attacks affect tourism for example, is driven by simple tourism figures. Yet, through visualization and seasonal adjustment it explains how and why tourist destinations in some cases recovered quickly from terrorist attacks while others suffered permanently. There are several projects where I've used maps as an interface to explore big data sets. It's the personal experience to see potential effects of global warming for one's own favorite ski resort for example, that helps transporting rather abstract results of scientific studies. Finally, I'd like to emphasize my football dataviz project "Taktiktafeln". These programmatically generated visualizations reveal a lot about the strategy of each team that normally stays hidden to viewers. The project has been a huge success and instantly became a new data-driven article format that now is produced for every Bundesliga match day by our sports department.

Technologies used for this project:

R, HTML/CSS, Javascript, D3.js, Mapbox Studio Classic, Mapbox.js, QGIS
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