Organisation: ABC News Digital (Australia)

Publication Date: 03/10/2017


People don't know how to securely contact journalists. Equally, journalists—for the most part—don't know how to accept secure communications. We want to make the first point of contact easy and safe. Secure communication is hard. It's getting easier all the time with the advent of systems like Signal and WhatsApp, but there are still big barriers to people who want simply to start a conversation. We'd like to give people an option for starting conversations which is: Convenient Relatively secure Available right when a reader realises they might have something to share Who is our target audience? Anybody with something sensitive to share. Journalists wanting to engage with their audience on more sensitive topics. Any member of the public who wants to communicate sensitive information privately to a specific journalist will be able to do so with our product. We want to lower the barriers of entry for people who would otherwise not contact a journalist due to anxiety around the security of their communication or the sensitivity of the subject or illiteracy around how to do it. What are we going to prototype We're going to prototype an embeddable form which journalists and organisations can put right in their stories, personal websites, etc. As well as that there will be a website where journalists can register to receive messages. Once signed up it will provide an embed code. One of the key messages anyone working with cryptography should internalise is: never do your own cryptography. With this in mind, our product will do the minimum amount of cryptography possible—and we certainly won't be writing any of the cryptographic algorithms. To do the heavy lifting we'll leverage off the high quality work of others and integrate with Journalists who want to accept encrypted messages will need a keybase profile. Keybase will handle the management of public and private keys. The most we will ever do is fetch your public key from your keybase profile. So, when people use this product our servers will never even see the message. The encryption happens right in the browser so there's no chance that anyone but the intended recipient (who controls the private key) can read the message.

Technologies used for this project:

Initiate runs on a nodejs backend using the Express framework. The backend of the system has very simple capabilities—it serves up a website and accepts form submissions which are forwarded to users via email. All the important stuff happens in the browser on the front end. The cryptographic capabilities of browsers have significantly improved in recent years with W3C standards having been adopted and implemented. The message is asymmetrically encrypted in the browser using a javascript implementation of PGP. We were very wary not to roll our own encryption, so we've leveraged the encryption expertise of who provide an encryption library in javascript. All keys, public and private, are managed off our platform using Keybase and all a user needs to signup to accept encrypted messages is their email address and Keybase username. Once the message is encrypted in the browser, neither we, nor anyone else without the private key can decrypt it. It is never stored by Initiate, but simply forwarded to the a recipient who must have the private key to decrypt it.
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