Publication Date: 12/09/2014


In a world of endless data, interesting articles get filtered out in favour of other, newer ones. The readers see publishers as a one-reason-stop, which is to find an objective source of truth, a facts generator. What? InPress offers location-based promoted stories. How? - Editors use our engine to 'pin' articles they want to promote for a longer period, usually these will be reviews or recommendations about local restaurants, shows, attractions, cultural events, and many more. - An automated system studies the articles to extract geolocations from them. - A snippet of code is inserted into the publisher's mobile apps. - Users get notifications based on their geolocation about the 'pinned' articles, which are stored as geo-points in our engine.

Technologies used for this project:

Node.js Express.js Tons of RegEx's Objective-C Apple Push Notifications Service Geo-fencing Leaflet.js Google's geocoder service Git


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