Ireland's hidden homeless crisis

Ireland's hidden homeless crisis

Publication Date: 03/24/2015



As the Irish economy slowly recovers following six years of austerity, a shortage of available housing has sparked an alarming rise in property prices and rental costs. With unemployment figures still among the highest in Europe, more people than ever need State help to find an affordable home, with 90,000 people currently on the waiting list for social housing. We decided to take a closer look at Ireland’s social housing waiting list data and uncovered a generation of 'hidden homeless’; thousands of young, single – and often working – people who have been left behind by Ireland’s economic recovery. We revealed why this forgotten group faces the prospect of having no permanent roof over their heads into the foreseeable future and empowered hundreds of people to share their stories through a social media appeal. Our investigation reached Parliament level as opposition TDs urged the Government to address this crisis.

Technologies used for this project:

Google spreadsheets and Excel to analyse Irish social housing waiting list figures and other sources of data Datawrapper to create an interactive table allowing readers to find out the extent of the hidden homeless problem in their area Piktochart to create infographic bringing the story Ireland's hidden homeless to life
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