The Journalist Toolbox

The Journalist Toolbox

Organisation: The Sunday Times (United Kingdom)

Publication Date: 06/04/2015


The Journalist Toolbox is a curated resource of the best ready-to-use tools for journalists from around the world. There are two parts of the toolbox: - a search page for journalists with a specific problem they are trying to solve - and an explore page for journalists who want to learn more about things they can create Each app or tool would have one sentence summing it up and clearly visible up and down votes, allowing users to make informed decisions on the best tool for what they want to build. Alternatively, they could select a category and explore further, discovering new ways to embellish their stories. Once that decision has been made, users can click through to a tools specific page, which has to feature screenshots or a demo, a description, comments and discussion from fellow journalists and answers to some key questions we think are really important: - What devices and platforms is the tool compatible on? - Which news organisations are already using your tool? Importantly the toolbox is self regulated: those uploading tools have to comply with a clear, uniform set of criteria - community agreed standards - before being able to add to the site, and then journalists and developers can up and down vote on their usability. The Journalist Toolbox vastly improves collaboration between journalists and developers by giving them a platform from which to communicate. It also standardises the language developers use to describe their products and ensures it easy for journalists to understand. Over time The Journalist Toolbox will help foster a better quality of tool for the newsroom, help journalists to do their jobs better, and improve storytelling for publishers - from large newsrooms to independent journalists - around the world.

Technologies used for this project:

AngularJS Bower Yeoman Gulp WordPress + WordPress API Semantic UI


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