Just two Pakistani universities among top global universities due to lesser spending on higher education

Just two Pakistani universities among top global universities due to lesser spending on higher education

Organisation: Balochistan Voices (Pakistan)

Publication Date: 04/03/2017


Size of team/newsroom:small


This project was about analyzing the universities of Pakistan in Times Higher Education Ranking. Only two Universities of Pakistan made it in top 980 universities of the world according to the times higher education ranking. This project identified the reason that Pakistani universities lag behind because this country spends less amount of its government expenditure on higher education. Case of Pakistan was compared with its neighbor India which has 17 Universities in Times Higher Education Ranking. India spends greater share of its GDP and government expenditure on higher education as compared to Pakistan. The basic goal of this project was to highlight the fact that government of Pakistan needs to pay more attention to the quality of higher education in the country. This can be done by increasing government spending on education and apart from that by focusing on quality and no quantity of higher education studies in the country. This project was basically for the Pakistani audience. Government officials, Academics, University students and policy analysts based in Pakistan were the prime target audience of this project. There was no particular monetization plan for this project and it was carried out using the routine resources of the organization.

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

This project was innovative in the sense that for the first time data was used to highlight the poor performance of Pakistani universities at global level. In past critiques have been written on performance of universities in Pakistan but those were not backed up by Data like this project. Another thing which makes this project special is the fact that it also successfully established a link between poor performance of universities and less government expenditure. This reason might have been a guess before for readers but this project established it as a fact using Data Journalism. The impact of this story was that more and more people gained awareness about this aspect of higher education in Pakistan. It also cleared a misconception among some of the readers that universities in Pakistan are doing very well in terms of quality.

Technologies used for this project:

This was a very simple project in terms of technology and didn’t involve any complicated or advanced technologies. It made use of Microsoft excel for data analysis, Data Wrapper for Data Visualization and Wordpress for publication of the final product.
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