Kiln – Small Newsroom Portfolio 2014–15

Kiln – Small Newsroom Portfolio 2014–15

Organisation: Kiln (United Kingdom)

Publication Date: 04/10/2015



Category 8: Best Entry from a Small Newsroom Kiln is a small data journalism studio working with large and small media partners and think tanks. Our portfolio since the last DJAs includes: Bigger projects • First World War – A data map-driven interactive documentary for the Guardian ( • Urbanisation: Where, Why, When – A data-rich interactive and Talkie for looking at global urbanisation trends ( • The Past, Present & Future of CO2 – An interactive with voiceover for WRI exploring a specially curated combined dataset about CO2 emissions ( • Carbon Map 2014 – Major overhaul of Kiln's interactive cartogram tool focusing on climate change: redesigned, new data and now multilingual ( • How much fossil fuel has been used in your lifetime? – Interactive ticker for the Guardian showing global fossil fuel extraction rates ( Smaller projects • Hard Times – audio-driven data visualisation based on the book by Tom Clark, for the Guardian and Yale University Press ( • EU Climate Spending 2015 – radial-chart interactive for Bankwatch exploring key messages in EU spending on climate issues ( • Reading national signatures in urbanisation-income space – A Talkie for IIED unpicking the relationships between urbanisation and GPD ( • Global Cities Map – An interactive data map for IIED showing the growth in the number of large cities, with map and grid views (http://iied.local/cities/) Smaller projects for LSE (London School of Economics) • The Tertiary Tilt – a scroll-driven interactive graph exploring inequality and school enrollment ( • Inequality in the UK – an interactive visualisation and survey about income and wealth inequality ( • New Media, Markets, Change – A time-series map of changing publishing trends during the German Protestant reformation ( • Statins – An interactive tool explaining the pros and cons of different statins and summarising their research history (

Technologies used for this project:

HTML5, JavsScript, D3, SVG, Python, Mapnik, Talkie
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