Kings of Ukrainian Gas and Oil

Kings of Ukrainian Gas and Oil

Organisation: (Ukraine)

Publication Date: 04/06/2016

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Who owns Ukrainian gas and oil fields? That is the main question answered with the help of this application. We’ve made a research on all discovered oil and gas deposits in Ukraine and defined persons which control them. Ukraine as a state owns almost 35% of all the oil and gas deposits (total area is almost 96,000 sq km), the rest of them belongs to 108 private companies. By putting oil and gas fields on the map of Ukraine we gathered all the information about the major Ukrainian gas and oil tycoons and the areas they control. In such a way we uncovered the whole picture of gas and oil industry in Ukraine and, the most important, defined all the people behind the gas and oil producing companies.

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

This is the first open database for the owners of oil and gas deposits and now you could see on the map who is the owner of specific deposit, for the first time. Detailed and comprehensive analysis of the main actors in the gas and oil industry in Ukraine was a part of new open discussions which have been started after the beginning of reforms in energy sector in Ukraine. Making an interactive map of gas and oil fields and their owners was a way to put these discussions in a more open, transparent and innovative dimension. Working on this project we also tried to solve specific problem with almost any complex data visualizations: how could you remember interesting "data points" that you've found during interaction with data application? The answer is kind of "clipboard" which collects data during interactions. This selected "data points" could be downloaded at any moment (there is a link to download all data for this project from Google tables, too)

Technologies used for this project:

We used a couple of javascript libraries for this project: d3, leaflet and isotope. We created tiles for a map in TileMill and geojson file with a help of QGIS and command line tools from GDAL project
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