Organisation: Le Parisien (France)

Publication Date: 03/27/2015


Kodako is a collaborative data collection (« Co-da-co ») tool, built to foster local event coverage by journalists; especially for big and messy events like the upcoming Climate Conference of Paris. This web app allows reporters quickly create, share, publish and update instantly data and multimedia based story, whether they're attending the summit itself (negociations or press conferences), side events (happenings) or demonstrations. The process is simple: create a new project, create a form with specific fields (title, place, time, event, image attachments, quotes, rates, categories etc ...) and send it to your fellows for collective data and multimedia crowd sourcing. This creates a mini-database that can be exported in real-time on the web through the interactive widget of your choice (map, timeline, charts, chats...). To foster transmedia production, we also added features such as svg export for print, or csv export for enhanced data visualisation etc. Mobile is at the center of our tool: you can publish mobile videos or pictures, update forms and instantly update the common database. For instance, you can snap and publish leaked draft document, or even quotes from negociators, to ease colleagues fact-checking in the newsroom and cover demonstrations at several places simultaneously. In a longer term perspective, we can also consider using this tool for wide crowdsourcing purposes : very accurate on environmental issues.


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