Organisation: Open Knowledge Foundation (Germany)

Publication Date: 07/17/2014


Kudzu allows journalists and readers to engage in short, focused discussions through integration of video comments. Our demo illustrates this through integration with Vine, a mobile platform for video sharing, but we've also prototyped a browser-based comment recording system: http://kudzu.herokuapp.com/seed/1/. Vine videos are restricted to 6 seconds duration, which encourages more focused, higher-quality submissions. This should facilitate increased user engagement - especially Vine, which targets younger and more mobile-focused audiences. It should also encourage higher comment quality and easier verification of commenter identity. In the browser-based version, face recognition could also be incorporated to reduce spam. The newsroom gains a more visible and engaged readership, better targeted feedback on their articles, and the possibility to integrate user-generated commentary in the form of e.g. mashups, debates, etc. Next steps : integrate browser-based recording; integrate face detection for same; add support for Vine redirect in Android; add example video mashups. Further considerations: limitations in Vine API support; HTML5 video recording technology still in its infancy.

Technologies used for this project:

Django, Vine's undocumented API, HTML5 recording (which libraries?), runnning on Heroku


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