Kurt Schlatzer

Kurt Schlatzer

Senior technologist with a 20-year career designing, developing, analyzing, optimizing and marketing scalable and user-friendly web applications at the enterprise and startup level.

Passionate about agile methodologies, user-centered design, web standards, responsive design, cross-platform development and open source technologies.

Active in developer community through Github, hackathons, Meetup groups, seminars and workshops.


15+ years developing in HTML, CSS and Javascript.
Proficient in jQuery, Ajax, REST, Backbone, Handlebars, Coffeescript, SASS, LESS,
Jade, Bootstrap, Foundation, Require.js, Modernizr, Browserify, Gulp, Grunt.
Actively learning Node, Express, Angular, Polymer, React, Ember Javascript frameworks.
1-3 years experience each with Java, Rails, PHP, Perl, Cold Fusion, .NET.
Server admin experience with Apache, Nginx and IIS.
Experience with SQLite, MySQL, Solar, MS SQL Server.
Actively learning NoSQL databases like Mongodb, Couchdb, Redis, Aerospike.


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