Late Bloomers – Late In Life Success

Late Bloomers – Late In Life Success

Organisation: Funders and Founders (Ukraine)

Publication Date: 04/09/2015


This visual shows late bloomers, people who achieves proficiency in some skill later than a person is normally expected to. The key word is “expected.” We researched data on famous people's biographies to find out at what age they learned the skill for which they became famous. Learning something late in life might sound like a bad deal if you compare yourself to all the young talented folk. Understandable. The catch is that doing something earlier does not necessarily make you better at it than if you did it later. Could you say that Stallone is a worse actor than actors who started in their teens? Was Julia Child a worse cook just because she started cooking at 30? With Fauja Singh it’s even easier – just finishing the marathon at all he already wins. Short link: Credits: Anna Vital - Journalism Mark Vital - Graphs Anastasia Borko - Illustration

Technologies used for this project:

FreeBase to discover biographies facts Illustrator - graphs & design Photoshop - illustrations
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