Leen een Mening

Leen een Mening

Organisation: ThePostOnline (Netherlands)

Publication Date: 04/10/2015


"Leen een mening" ('Loan an opinion') is a way to get people to start conversations again. Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, everyone is always occupied by their phones. Just staring at their screens. A lot of times, I’ve heard people complaining about that. Apparently, a lot of people feel like they’re not talking anymore. And if they are, is there still anything to tell? And in some social situations, what do you want to talk about? "Leen een mening" solves this problem by tapping into both the news and columns of ThePostOnline and combining that with the #1 social sharing app off all time: "talking". This app will provide you with a topic for a myriad of social situations, based on your own preferences as well as previous experience using this topic in this situation. A great way to get talking again, or just come across as a smartass; all the while, sharing ThePostOnline's news and stories.

Technologies used for this project:

Eventually this will be a (web)app aimed at a 'mobile' audience. For now, we've resorted to Photoshop + a Mockup/Wireframe tool: PopApp, to create a clickable Mockup.


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