LEON Qafzezi

Leon Qafzezi(Writer-Filmmaker-Critic)Lives and work in Albania.Graduated in Academy of Art in Tirane(1977)Worked in Film Studio"New Albania""Alb-Film Distribution"(From 1986-1992)Editor and Chief of "Film"magazine(1992-2002)"Head of "Eagle Film Albania"(1992-2004)non profit organisation.From 1993-1998-Director,Journalist,Operator in "Albanian State Television"(TVSH_)Film Department and Programming Department.Author of numerous documentaries for televisions and books for films,novel,poetry,short stories... As an actor,on fiction movies"Rrethi i Kujteses" 1988(Director E.Misli)Leon Qafzezi has also producer"Rrethimi i vogel)1986(Director Saimir Kumbaro)and producer to in fiction movies"Ne Emer te Lirise"1987(Director Fehmi Hoshafi)Author of books for cinema"Mjeshter te Medhenj te Filmit""Portrete Kineastesh"Filmi Shqiptar dhe Koha"Godard""Stanley Kubrick""Historia e Kinematografise Boterore"and "Film image"Album Photography...Publish novel"Passport to Hell"Black Hole""The Sky down""The Market of Dreams""Prostitute of Aboukir""Selected Novels"Poetry Books"Eda""Funeral of Lives"Filmed in Albania,USA,France,Italy,Germany..Now is Independent Writer and Filmmaker


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