Let's compare Kevin Magnussen's Formula One with your family car

Let's compare Kevin Magnussen's Formula One with your family car

Organisation: TV 2 Denmark (Tv2.dk) (Denmark)

Publication Date: 04/14/2016


Size of team/newsroom:small


When Danish Kevin Magnussen surprisingly rejoined the Formula One circuit the news room scrambled to meet the sudden spike of interest. From our live coverage we learned that a lot of the users had questions about the F1 cars. The simple asked a lot of questions about regulations, engine sizes etc. That prompted us to show exactly how bonkers a Formula One car really is, specifically Kevin Magnussen’s Renault. To make the insane numbers easier to understand we compared the race car to a popular family station car. We did this through 3D graphics, animation, sound, data visualizations and interview in a long form story. The stories on Tv2.dk are usually short, concise news stories.

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

We wanted to augment all the nerdy hardware stories without getting in the way of the storytelling. That’s why we at an early time decided use scroll as the main navigation and the number of clicks to an absolute minimum. Something awesome had to happen if we forced the user to click. Instead we made the animations trigger by the scrolling of the user. Instead of making one big interactive that could show every aspect of the car, we made several smaller and simpler visualizations and put them in the flow of the story where the fit best. The story was actually written after we had done our short list of the most interesting aspects of the car, so the interactives played a central part in shaping the story.

Technologies used for this project:

3D Cinema 4D, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Javascript, Html and Css.
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