Linkage of speech

Linkage of speech

Organisation: hankyoreh (South Korea)

Publication Date: 04/01/2017


During the election, the words and actions from the candidates and the camps of each party are the news. In addition, the result of candidate approval ratings announced by each institution is also good information. A timeline that tells the story of the various news and information generated during the election period to readers including voters. Speech is given in text, action in photo or YouTube video, rating is also provided. Readers can view the comments and actions of candidates (or party camps) in a single news story according to the timeline through our service. It can be a great help in understanding the flow of election campaign. It also allows related news articles to be linked to the articles URLs of various media through the Google news search api. When the results of the survey are announced, the results of the survey will be managed together in the main. The editor that created the timeline will match automatically with the set candidates, without having to enter information about the survey results, and will be automatically provided on each announcement date. Using this program, various editors or newsrooms enter candidates' comments(txt), actions(img or youtube), and related information. Once the input is complete, you can create a script and embed it in the desired web page. You can freely apply them on the web and mobile, and you can send push notifications to users with apps, especially when content is updated. Readers will be able to review the timeline and add a heart sticker or comment.

Technologies used for this project:

app dev c# .net xamarin android, ios CGI php, bootstrap, google search engine news api, rss feed
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