Organisation: TisoBlackstar (South Africa)

Publication Date: 11/22/2017


LookLIVE is a tool designed for the South African TimesLIVE website- the digital flagship of the second largest media company in South Africa, Tiso Blackstar. The aim of LookLive is to create an in page context tool that is conversational and to the point. It aims at showing the pictures and profiles behind the newsmakers and links to other stories involving this person. It also allows for cards of related individuals to be pulled up for people to read to read up on. The mission of LookLIVE is: SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE and INFORMATIVE

Technologies used for this project:

The programming language used for this feature would be Python which will create the back-end logic for it. The feature would rely on a data base which would be created in PostgresQL. For the interface of the feature, we would use HTML/CSS to build it. As a pop up we would rely on Javascript to built the pop card.


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