#maisclicado (#mostclicked)

#maisclicado (#mostclicked)

Organisation: Correio* (Brazil)

Publication Date: 04/04/2015



Summer arrived in a year during which there was a boom of selfies and smartphones in the country, and I was struck by the idea of discovering which of Salvador's landmarks was most photographed by tourists and locals. I realized that this could be done by scraping data from geotagged photos published on social networks. I chose Instagram since its main purpose is to share photos. In my analysis, I rejected Facebook and Twitter: The former was much more difficult to work with due to privacy filters, and the latter does not place the same priority on posting images. I prepared the list of 20 tourist landmarks – which included the most popular spots and those which ranked in the top 10 spots on the site TripAdvisor.com at the end of November 2014. Then I used the tool from the IFTTT site to create the “robots” which would perform the scraping of the images every 15 minutes. First, I geo-referenced each tourist spot and determined that all the photos taken and published in that selected area, as well as the links to the images and the text of the posts, would be forwarded to a Google Spreadsheet. The localization of the photo helped include more photos in the spreadsheet, as opposed to only those in which the users tagged the spot. At the end, there were 20 spreadsheets with data from 20 different touristic points. Meanwhile, the tool searched for photos every 15 minutes.

Technologies used for this project:

Programming logic (IFTTT), georreference, social media monitoring (Instagram), scraping, Google Spreadsheets


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