A majority of women and children among refugees

A majority of women and children among refugees

Organisation: Paris Match (France)

Publication Date: 04/08/2016

Size of team/newsroom:large


DataMatch publishes a weekly datajournalism page in Paris Match magazine and an animated davisualisation of the same story for ParisMatch.com. For this particular story, we also featured a linked interview of William Spindler from the UNHCR. Paris Match is a news magazine addressing a wide audience (5 million weekly readers). Last February, we obtained UNHCR data collected in the field over several years about the migrant crisis in Europe, specifying, for each entry point, the number of daily refugee arrivals. After having explored the datasets and run several interviews, we decided to emphasize the dramatic change in refugee demographics. Whereas voices in Europe and in the United States always picture migrants as young males, these datasets show exactly the opposite. Click "Presentation" link for PDF file of print version. Also online: french version (http://www.parismatch.com/Actu/International/N-y-a-t-il-que-des-hommes-parmi-les-refugies) and related interview (http://www.parismatch.com/Actu/International/Refugies-en-Europe-Interview-de-William-Spindler-porte-parole-du-HCR-916243) // Team: two journalists, one graphic designer.

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

We believe that our project is innovative first because it is transmedia, addressing both our print and website readers -which have different profiles. Moreover with the refugee project, we presented information that had not been widely published in the french media. We wanted to help readers understand the current migrant crisis, using narrative journalism on raw data and conveying the information through a simple and contextualized visual approach.

Technologies used for this project:

Print version: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign // Web version: Image files (created with Adobe Illustrator) and text animated with javascript via Adobe Edge. Animation is then loaded on ParisMatch.com via an iframe. The page is responsive.
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