Maps of Discontent

Maps of Discontent

Publication Date: 06/05/2015



“Maps of Discontent” is a data-driven journalism project that aims at showing a broad panoramic of the discontented movements in Spain from 1976 to 2015. We visualize the discontent in two different ways: on one hand we show a map of Spain with the main demonstrations over time and classified by six categories (employment, health environmental issues, etc.). On the other hand we provide temporal graphs where the discontent can be seen over time according to the number of attendees to each movement, again classified by categories. The data were gathered from the tag explorer of the Spanish newspaper “El País”. To get the information, the tag “Social protests” was selected and then we store the data through an automatic scraping process. The system scraps around 2500 articles getting the titles, some keywords, place, tags, etc. and then this information is automatically balanced and organized. With these results, we can create a dynamic javascript visualization that allows the user to explore the discontent in Spain from the coming of democracy. The team behind this project is: Martin Nadal, Adolfo Antón Bravo y Chema Blanco.

Technologies used for this project:

python, bs4, js, raphaeljs, bootstrap,d3
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