Marie-Laure Perony-Charton

I always perceived, as far as I can remember, that information and communication are the strongest keys to fight obscurantism, lack of understanding and ... all its derivated. The fact I lived in foreign countries the most part of my life has sharpened my sense of acceptance of all kind of differences, eventhough I was conscious it was less easier.

Today I am self-employed (after having been the Communication Manager of UNiversity de La Réunion) in Communication. But because this small island in Indian Ocean is hit by the crisis (30% of unemployment) and what is called here the "regional preference" - not to mention segregation in hiring - I am looking for missions / assignments from La Réunion (with internet, everything is possible), or abroad for mi-term missions.

My lack of clients lead me to be a "Moocker", attending several Moocs. So, in addition with my first diplomas :
* Master II / Research in Communication (French DEA) and Master II / Professional in Communication (French DESS),

I have done (and succeeded) several Moocs :
* Mooc GEN/Rue89 : "Inform & Communicate on Social Networks" (certified)
* Mooc NorthWestern University : "Understanding Media by Understanding Google" (certified)
* Mooc centre Virchow-Villermé : “SARS: a "revolution" in global governance of epidemics” (certified)
* Mooc Ecole Centrale = Project Management (Certified)
* Mooc Université Panthéon-Assas Paris II = "Crisis Management"

You can see all my professional experience on LinkedIn : Marie-Laure Perony-Charton (English & French) and on ( French)


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