Mata Desa

Mata Desa

Organisation: (Indonesia)

Publication Date: 03/11/2018


Mata Desa is a small application that allows villagers to find the right political parties and candidates according to the needs of their village. It is because the villagers almost become victims of false political promises of the Party and candidates during the campaign season. The party and the candidate only appear when the campaign season begins. They are promise to build the village. But in the reality or practice the campaign's promises do not match with the needs of the villagers. Mata Desa will collect all the data that has been done by the Party and candidate. Then, the data will be converted into a measurable dataset in the form of a score that the criteria will be determined by a particular methodology. The data collection will be done by journalists (media) to prevent misinformation. The dataset serves becomes Mata Data database that will give scores for each Party who becomes contestants in the election. The people can present what their needs in the form of quizzes, measurable questions. When submitting priority needs, Mata Desa algorithm will match that need with the appropriate Party, based on the score of the dataset. Villagers get a reference to which Party is the most suitable to choose. If the people is agrees, they can see who the candidate is being brought up by the Reference Party and also the track record of the candidate.

Technologies used for this project:

- We are use Visual basic for prototype, and we will use Android Studio to create the mobile app. - For database we will use Google Doc, Google Spreadsheet and Google Map.


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