Measuring air quality in Germany's dirtiest town

Measuring air quality in Germany's dirtiest town

Organisation: Stuttgarter Zeitung / Stuttgarter Nachrichten (Germany)

Publication Date: 10/27/2016


Air quality and particularly Feinstaub (fine particles) is a huge problem in Stuttgart, Germany. For years, the values have been exceeding maximum levels set by the EU. Excessive exposure to Feinstaub is proven to present severe health risks, including but not restricted to lung and heart problems. In 2017, the city faces a choice: to ban cars or to pay a fine of >200 000 Euros per day. The assessment of the problem and the political discussion is hampered by the fact that there are only two official measuring points in the city. Yet, studies indicate that Feinstaub levels are excessive throughout the city. To solve this problem, Stuttgarter Zeitung and Stuttgarter Nachrichten cooperate with OK Lab Stuttgart (Open Knowledge Foundation) to privately place 300 cheap yet reliable sensors for measuring Feinstaub in Stuttgart and the neighbouring cities. Financing these has already been successful, and by spring 2017 all 300 sensors are expected to be in place and working, their live and historical data will be openly available. Our map, of which we present here a mockup and a functional prototype, visualizes these live and historic data of the sensors. As soon as all sensors are in place, there will be extensive reporting in the newspaper and on the website. In cooperation with the robot journalism company AX Semantics (which is also located in Stuttgart, Germany), there will be automazied local air quality reports and individualized newsletters for any reader who is interested. The financing for this project has already been secured internally. With this, we are aiming at three target groups: first of all inhabitants, who will for the first time learn if Feinstaub is also a problem in their neighbourhood. Second, we are targeting local and regional politicians who will have to decide on how to deal with Feinstaub in the upcoming year. Third, our reporting will make it clear to all readers how big the Feinstaub problem is and shall help make political decisions that may impact all citizens in the region of Stuttgart transparent. And the map will of course be a useful resource for all reporters and editors writing Feinstaub stories as well as for anybody dealing with this issue. These newsletters as well as the reports on our website will most likely be free but are expected to drive visits, therefore bringing people closer to our paywall and to subscriptions.

Technologies used for this project:

AngularJS Angular Google Maps Angular-nvD3 Zurb Foundation Angular Foundation 6 Open Data Stuttgart Feinstaub REST API see
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