The Migrants Files

The Migrants Files

Organisation: (France)

Publication Date: 06/08/2014


**This project won the Data Journalism Awards in the category : Best story or group of stories on a single topic** By aggregating and structuring data from open sources, this European consortium of journalists uncovered exclusive information on the plight of migrants coming to Europe and the impact of the EU member states migration policies. The investigation was carried out by more than 10 journalists from 6 countries. The official hashtag of the project is #MigrantsFiles Authors:, Journalism++ SAS, Journalism++ Stockholm, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, El Confidencial, Radiobubble, Jacopo Ottaviani and Jean-Marc Manach A Word from the Jury: Mediterranean sea, grave of migrants' is the biggest ever investigation into the deaths of migrants seeking refuge in Europe via the Mediterranean Sea. In response to the lack of official monitoring initiatives about these tragic events, a pan-European group of journalists have taken it upon themselves to build a comprehensive database of these deaths and their circumstances from a handpicked collection of news articles and civil society reports. The project is an excellent example of journalists intervening to put a largely neglected issue on the political agenda, and providing decision-makers and the public with the evidence they need to take action to stop these tens of thousands of deaths at Europe’s borders. This is data journalism at its best. We need more projects like this.

Technologies used for this project:

This Django app brings the power of Neo4j, a graph database, to every journalist. It uses the object graph mapper (the graph equivalent of an ORM) Neo4Django and Angular.js on the front-end. The most advanced feature of the app is the graph search. Although experimental, it lets users define their own queries using text, that are then converted into Cypher commands, neo4j’s query language.


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