Organisation: El Diario (Spain)

Publication Date: 07/10/2014


You don't receive noise, but condensed journalism. "Welcome to the mining journalism, welcome to Minews. Minews is a news app specifically designed for mobile phones where user can receive updates of an ongoing event with no noise: you will find items (""pips"") of pure gold concentrated journalism and very refined curated content, aggregated by topics (""mines"") who are explored by the best editors. Minews is inspired by previous initiatives as Topsy.com (searching the social networks), Storfy (curating content) and Circa (mobile phones journalism), but in a integrated an enhanced way, focusing on seize the social networks potential combined with contextual journalism in little pices of multimedia information. Minews does not want to foster the noise, but bring chaos into a crowdsourced and easy to read nanosite. Minews is not a participation tool because people are already participating and doing it naturally - no invitation needed, no more platforms needed. It is instead a listening tool that allows the newsrooms to really have the feeling of the debate and anticipating facts and trending opinions during live blogging coverages. Minews classifies topics (Mines) in 3 groups by the intensity: in the 'Green zone', user can find what are the topics that probably become huge before they break, and get context; in the 'Red zone' the will have the live updates of the most urgent issues, as in traditional live blogging but in a Minews way; and in the 'Blue zone', user can stay suscribed to the mine so they will not miss the further important details of a story even when most of the news sites had forgotten after the hype. Minews is also a chain of work from explorers (journalists) and analysts to editors, who curate the live blogging stream that is brought in little pieces to the user app. Design : It is a clean and straight desing that don't want to look like a traditional mass media, because it is not. It also has that old times gold explorers touch - we think that the idea of the gold mines and the pips of information is powerful. We used paper for the sketches and then Illustrator and Fireworks Implementation of the project : The app is yet to be finished, but it is realistic to have it completed in 3 weeks time, mainly to build some parts of the CMS and create the native app for searching the social networks. We'll need to use Android (JAVA), iOS (Objetive C) for the implementation. Our journalist will be delighted!

Technologies used for this project:

We used PHP, AngularJS, BootstrapCSS, MySql, CoderIgniter, Json.
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