mitmachen - Raum für Lösungen

mitmachen - Raum für Lösungen

Organisation: der Standard (Austria)

Publication Date: 10/30/2014


#MITMACHEN - Raum für Lösungen In a constant drizzle of global bad news and worldwide catastrophes, many feel helpless and powerless to actually make a difference by their own actions and therefore withdraw from civic engagement. By presenting and highlighting LOCAL projects and activities within the proximity to people's homes, we believe that these feelings can be changed. Thus, the idea for our project is to create a platform that gives the users the possibility to: - get information on already existing social/civic projects in their community / neighborhood / city - present their own projects and acquire participants - to use special tools developed by to show civil engagement such as presented in the presentation While the platform should work independently, we want to build on the already existing Online-Community at The high energy of the online community that is displayed by 20.000 active poster per month and up to 25.000 Postings daily should be the base to create a sub-community for civil engagement.

Technologies used for this project:

- jquery - google maps
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