Mon Paris Climat

Mon Paris Climat

Organisation: France 24 (France)

Publication Date: 03/26/2015


France 24 and RFI, international news organizations, will propose a full coverage of the ‘Paris Climat 2015’ conference (a.k.a COP21) ‘on air’ but also on our websites and applications. “Mon Paris Climat” is a free mobile application (the Android version is our prototype) that we plan to release weeks before the opening of the conference. It will be in French, English and Arabic. The user experience is a key thing for us. So, to begin with, just after downloading the app, the user will be asked to answer 5 questions to determine if they are climate-skeptic or climate-friendly. According to their answers, we will propose content on concrete citizen initiatives around the world (gathered by the France 24’ Observers) or concrete climate change effects for them to consult. Appart from that, the application includes a liveblog (containing live reporting, tweets, pictures, YouTube and SoundCloud content etc.), articles, radio and TV programs. It also includes a video live stream of the conference. A voice recognition of the audio will determine the main topics of the debates and show related articles. The ChromeCast is integrated so it is possible to have a second screen experience.

Technologies used for this project:

Mobile application (the Android version is our prototype) Android Material Design REST/Json Protocol HLS (livestream) Videos + YouTube SDK Sounds Voice recognition ChromeCast SQLite
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