Mood Map

Mood Map

Organisation: Rappler Indonesia (Indonesia)

Publication Date: 05/14/2016


Mood map is an app that allows you to share (tweet and post) your feelings. Mood Map is created based on Rappler’s mood meter that indicates readers’ feeling after reading each of Rappler’s stories. Twitter has and will become part and parcel of people’s life. The problem is there is so much noise in Twitter, making it difficult to separate facts from propaganda, or outright fantasies. This app seeks to filter those noises. This app aims to have a picture of people’s mood at certain time and place. Studies show people mostly make decisions based on their moods or emotion (80%), By knowing people’s mood, we can anticipate what might come. We are targeting social media junkies whose number, we believe, will continue to grow. For the editorial team, this app can also serve as a crowdsourcing tool that allows them to get news and information from the public

Technologies used for this project:

Adobe Photoshop App prototyping web (Marvelapp)


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